CPD Program

The Institute offers members a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program, which has been designed to complement the busy professional. Working alongside current activities, the program allows for significant flexibility and incorporates all activities an individual may undertake to further their current skills and experience within the workplace.

About the Program

Following a Financial Year (1 July – 30 June) format, the CPD Program recognises activities that enhance or promote productivity or efficiency of existing employment tasks and responsibilities. Members of SSSI should attempt to achieve 15 professional development points within each financial year. This roughly equates to 15 hours of professional development related activities. Affiliate Members are encouraged to achieve 8 professional development points in the same timeframe.

For further information surrounding the types of continuing professional development activities, please download the CPD Policy (PDF).

The Policy recognises and considers all activities undertaken by an individual, provided they enhance existing currency of skills.

Individuals are therefore encouraged to maintain records of all activities undertaken throughout the year, as it is likely they will contribute to the overall totals.


Currently SSSI Members are encouraged to achieve the following:

  • Members, Fellows & Associates; 15 points per year
  • Affiliates; 8 points per year

Those members who undertake SSSI Certification or are registered with a regulatory body may be exempt from the annual professional development requirements from SSSI. For further information, see section 7.2 of the CPD Policy (PDF).

Recording Your CPD

SSSI provides all members with the opportunity to record and manage their continuing professional development progress online.  Members are encouraged to maintain their own CPD records for SSSI and non-SSSI events via the Members Portal.