In recognition that the profession of hydrography is necessarily international, the Hydrography Commission operates as a National Commission within SSSI and there is no requirement for members to be represented at the regional level. However Commission members are encouraged to take an active part in regional Institute activities, particularly CPD activities.

The Commission is administered by the Hydrography Commission National Committee (HCNC) under the policies and rules of the SSSI and is comprised of a Chair person, members and an ex-officio member.

The Chair of the Australasian Hydrographic Surveyors Certification Panel, or his/her nominee is the ex-officio member.

The Chair of the Hydrography Commission who must be a Level 1 certified hydrographic surveyor represents the Commission on the SSSI Board.  They also serve as the Chair of the permanent Chair Advisory Committee, which reports to the SSSI Board.

In accordance with the SSSI Constitution, HCNC members are elected by a postal ballot of members of the Commission, and serve for a two-year term. To achieve continuity, the election of half the Committee occurs in one year, and the remainder in the next. Elections are held on or before 30 September each year and are conducted on the basis of a simple majority of votes received:

NSW, WA, SA, NZ North, Tas – Odd year

NT, QLD, NZ South, ACT, VIC – Even year

Recognising the objectives of the Commission, each Committee member has responsibility for oversight of one or more of the following groups of activities:

  • Chair/Secretariat/Treasurer
  • Legislation/Advocacy
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Education
  • CPD
  • FIG Commission 4 Liaison and Representation
  • Relationship Building
  • Certification

Sub committees are formed from time to time to address issues as they arise.

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