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                  It's GIS Day! 

Q. How has the use of GIS shaped the way we work, live and play and how is our world a better place having spatial in it?

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Today we celebrate GIS day. A day where we acknowledge the massive contribution GIS makes to our everyday life. GIS plays an integral role in shaping the way we work, live and play.

GIS is used in health, agriculture, defence, disaster management, engineering, land use planning, mining… just to name a few! GISGeography has listed a 1000 GIS applications and uses. Check them all out! 

SSSI is proud to represent GIS professionals and assist them in shaping our world. For the next week, you are welcome to view past SSSI hosted GIS webinars for free.

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Enhancing National Mapping – The Why and Where to: WATCH IT NOW 
GIS in Local Government: Coastal Modelling: WATCH IT NOW 
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African Women in GIS Webinar: WATCH NOW -
2021 SSSI Tasmania State of GIS Seminar: WATCH NOW -

We encourage all GIS professionals to share how they are shaping the world - happy GIS Day!


Knowing the location of people, assets and places; understanding how connections are modified by distance, and rendering vast tracts of data in an intuitive graphical format, is the essence of spatial information and cartography.
Every asset has a location, and every person has a place they want to be. Society places great value in acquiring the best location for a business, or calculating the most efficient route. Our profession makes it possible to make these decisions in a measured and rigorous manner.
All industries, from mining and agriculture to manufacturing and services, will at some point need to recruit the spatial information and cartography profession to assist in managing their assets and future growth.  The SICC professional is often the enabler that helps other disciplines make sense of their data.
Our professionals are to be found out in the field taking measurements, liasing with I.T. to provide services or delivering information to customers and clients. They operate at a range of levels from national governments down to local business. Our maps are as old as history and our spatial databases put the latest computer hardware to the test.
The profession of spatial information and cartography brings value to society, often by providing the measure by which society values itself.

The Spatial Information and Cartography Commission (SICC) is the disciplinary home for spatial information and cartographic professionals within the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI). The SICC undertakes a range of activities that contribute to delivering the vision and strategic goals of the SSSI.

We seek to represent our member's interests by providing: an environment to develop relationships with peers, industry and other professional organisations; provide opportunities to develop professionally and achieve specialist certification; undertake advocacy to promote members' interests and the value of our profession to the wider community.

The SICC's Objectives are to:

  • Create and promote spatial information and cartography professional networks to share best practice on creating, analysing, visualising and distributing spatial information;
  • administer and promote an internationally recognised professional certification;
  • scheme to the spatial information and cartography disciplines and recognise excellence within our disciplines;
  • develop and deliver an ongoing Continuing Professional Development(CPD) program that offers members adequate opportunity to grow and/or maintain their spatial information and cartographic skills;
  • nurture beneficial external relationships with other professional organisations both nationally (Mapping Sciences Institute Australia) and internationally (Urban and Regional Information Systems Association);
  • support the development of spatial literacy and skills within the wider community, especially supporting secondary and tertiary spatial education programs;
  • promote and encourage the use of authoritative and accessible spatial information in decision-making to serve the goals of society;
  • promote the spatial information profession and the services it provides to society;
  • ensure that the SICC is well governed in the best interests of its members;
  • keep the SICC networks innovative and proactive;
  • keep SICC members and stakeholders knowledgeable about the Commission's activities.

The SICC Committee

The SICC committee is composed of representatives from all regions in Australia and New Zealand, and relies on ongoing input from our members to provide the best possible services where they are needed. Whilst the commission's vision and strategy is planned at the institute level, most events occur locally and member input is always welcome.

The Institute's committee for the Spatial Information and Cartography Commission welcomes any feedback, queries or suggestions, whether to do with applying for certification, upcoming events or the promotion and encouragement of the spatial industry.

To contact the committee, please email us at

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