Volunteering at SSSI

Once you find an Interest Group, you can get involved in everything from committee work to presenting technical papers at a regional or national conference. Other avenues for involvement can include school visits to get students excited about careers in spatial, or advocacy and lobbying on behalf of SSSI.
We greatly appreciate your voluntary contributions to SSSI and the wider community.

Members who volunteer can enjoy the following benefits: 
  • Volunteer work counts for CPD points
  • Increase your spatial network, professional reputation and industry knowledge
  • Influence the practice and future directions of the profession
  • Develop and apply your skills in meeting management, budgeting, operational planning and communication.

What is a volunteer?

A volunteer is any member who performs a task for SSSI in an honorary capacity. Volunteering in SSSI can include: 

  • giving technical presentations
  • organising conferences
  • presenting to schools
  • judging awards and competitions 
  • National committee membership
  • Regional committee membership
  • Special Interest Group Committee membership.

How To Become a Volunteer

Contact us to get involved!