Qld Land Surveying Commission

Queensland has an active Land Surveying Commission Sub-Committee (QLSC), that feeds into both the Queensland Regional Committee and the National Land Surveying Commission Committee.

The Committee meets regularly to discuss key land surveying issues in Queensland and often is asked by government and other bodies to provide opinion and input to proposed changes or challenges.


Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

SSSI has a strong working relationship with the DNRME and they are represented on the QLSC.

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Surveyors' Board of Queensland 

SSSI works closely with the Board on a number of key land surveying matters.

Over the past 18 months, the QLSC has presented a number of webinars with the primary purpose of assisting surveyors seeking renewal and registration requirements with the Surveyors' Board of Queensland, as well as those seeking a refresh of key skills.  

The session recordings are available via the links below or on our eCPD page, along with all SSSI webinars from the past 18 months.

2020 Cadastral Endorsement Competency Framework Series
  • Tips for Reinstating existing Boundaries and Marking, Ewen Sneddon – click here
  • Searching for documentary evidence and search for physical evidence, Dale Atkinson – click here 
  • Legislation: An insight for Surveyors, Alistair Byrom - click here 
  • Prepare and manage basic development and basic state action applications, Stephen Motti – click here
  • Design lots and layouts for Cadastral Surveyors, Damian Reardon - click here
2020 Registered Surveyor Competency Framework Series
  • How to use and maintain GNSS surveying instruments, Dale Atkinson – click here
  • How to Establish, measure and adjust horizontal and vertical survey control using GNSS, Graham Jensen – click here
  • Survey and calculate volumes and quantities, Lee Hellen – click here
2021 Cadastral Competency Series
  • c.10 Prepare and Manage Basic State Land Action Applications, Dale Atkinson - click here

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Survey marks
Protecting Marks

The QLSC has put together an excellent fact sheet on the importance of the protection of survey marks in Queensland. Click here to view it.

Q150 Survey Mark Project

The SSSI Q150 Commemorative Mark Program was a Q150 funded project to establish a network of Permanent Survey Marks throughout Queensland. 

The spatial sciences profession placed over 60 GPS marks at significant locations around Queensland during 2009 to commemorate Queensland's 150th anniversary and 150 years of surveying.

The marks accurately depict latitude and longitude and provide the public with a means to check the accuracy of their in-car, in-boat and hand-held navigation devices.

The project was launched at the Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying in Brisbane on 24 June 2009.

Queensland's early explorers were often surveyors. Local members of SSSI Queensland will tell the stories of early surveyors and map makers by placing signs adjacent to many of the GPS Marks and celebrating 150 years of Queensland's history through public events celebrating the past and showcasing the future of the profession.

Google Maps link

Queensland Globe Link

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