WA Spatial Excellence Awards 2021

The excellent SSSI Industry Award Winners for 2021 were:

Award for Community Impact

Department of Health, WA for COVID-19 Dashboards

Award for Environment and Sustainability

NGIS for Sustainable Sourcing Platform

Award for International Partnership

NGIS for their GEO Google Earth Engine Programme

Award for Spatial Enablement

Friends of Battye Library Inc. for RetroMaps

Award for Workforce Development & Inclusion

Winyama & NGIS Australia for IMW On Demand


And the deserving SSSI Individual Winners for 2021 were:

Postgraduate Student Award

Heng Zhou, Curtin University

Undergraduate Student Award

Pearl Ontse, Curtin University

Educational Development Award

Todd Robinson, Curtin University

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Andrew Dowding, Winyama

WA Future Leader of the Year

David Belton, Curtin University

WA Professional of the Year

Philip Jonath, Land Surveys


Congratulations to all nominees and winners on your achievements!