Space + Spatial

In 2021, a coalition of leading Australian space and spatial organisations are co-convening a series of dialogues for space, surveying and spatial professionals to develop the Space+Spatial Industry Growth Roadmap 2030 which facilitates accelerated mutual growth of these industries looking out to 2030. Now, feedback is being sought on a range of issues that will lead to a SPACE+SPATIAL Industry Growth Roadmap 2030.

A lot of the hard work has been done. A Space+Spatial Industry Growth Roadmap 2030 Consultation Paper is out for comment. The purpose of the consultation paper is to seek feedback on actions that can be taken over the coming decade to accelerate the shared growth of the space and spatial industries. Effectively we need your experience and perspective to explore three specific questions:




Are these three focus areas:

  • National Security
  • Economic Growth and
  • Societal/Environment Benefit

the right lens to view opportunities for the Space+Spatial sectors?

Do the 24 Key Issues outlined represent the right priorities for Australia?


What issues are overstated, understated or missing?



There are lots of ways to share your thoughts.
Submit your feedback online

Provide input on the three questions posed and the 24 key issues outlined – complete the 10-minute feedback form.

Form your own discussion group

Convene or join a small group in your office or professional network - for a short 30 minute or 1 hour chat over coffee – then have a group representative complete the 10-minute feedback form.

 Attend an event

For further information, please visit the website: SPACE+SPATIAL INDUSTRY GROWTH ROADMAP 2030