Spatial Digital Twin

Spatial Digital Twin has been an area of interest to members within the surveying and spatial profession for some time.  The formation of the SSSI Spatial Digital Twin Special Interest Group (SDT-SIG) is primarily to educate, leverage and develop capabilities for surveying and spatial professionals in this emerging technology and to provide highly relevant learning and development opportunities for the members of SSSI. The focus of this group will be applying Digital Twin to the built and natural environments, including above and below ground. 

SSSI National Board member Mr Wayne Patterson has been appointed inaugural Chair.

The SDT-SIG aims to:

  • Encourage and promote the advancement of SDT knowledge;
  • Establish SSSI as an effective, trusted and well recognised organisation and hub for surveying and spatial sciences and other Digital Twin experts in Australia;
  • Facilitate inclusive and collaborative partnerships – locally, nationally and globally;
  • Foster and strengthen information sharing among SDT-SIG Member Agencies, and with government, community, industry and private sectors;
  • Enable access to information collected and shared by participants including knowledge of what information exists, and how and where to find it.

An excellent opportunity exists in getting involved in the following SDT-SIG Working Groups:

WG 1.0  Events

Identify digital twin specific or related content, topics and speakers suitable for webinars, face-to face and any other types of events. The WG will also identify and promote external events that may be of interest to the wider digital twin community.

WG 2.0  Advocacy & Communications

Scope ideas and prepare content for spatial digital twins related communications and communicate outcomes and achievements of the SDT-SIG and its various working groups.

WG 3.0  Partnerships

Nurture and develop collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders and other industry sectors involved in digital twins. 

WG 4.0  Education & Training

Identify the gaps that exist in digital twin education and training for industry and identify what education and training is required to fill these gaps.

WG 5.0  Standards

Work with relevant standards bodies to create a National Standard for Digital Twins

WG 6.0  Capability

Identify national and international technology and data available to effectively produce and maintain spatial digital twins. In addition, monitor spatial digital twin programs and developments across Australia and overseas.

(Updated 16 Jul 21)

The call for expressions of interest has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who have expessed interest in participating in a number of SSSI’s Spatial Digital Twins Special Interest Group (STD-SIG) Working Groups.  We received nearly 100 EOIs from representatives in different sectors of the surveying and spatial profession. We are delighted at the interest shown and will be in touch on the steps.