Young Professionals

The Young Professionals is a group designed specifically for the promotion of young people within our industry, and to address issues facing young spatial professionals. The group is open to any full-time student, or anyone aged 35 years and younger. It has a proven track record leadership development for those involved, and aims at creating a fun environment in which students and professionals from across the commissions may come together and network.
The SSSI YPs hopes to realise its vision through the delivery of services to Young Spatial Professionals in four main service areas:

  •  Networking;
  • Career;
  • Education and Information; and,
  • Recognition and Representation

 A range of activities and programmes to address these service areas have been developed by the SSSI YPs. These may be uniformly applied across the regions such as mentoring programmes, or developed within a region to address local needs, such as supporting spatial professionals in remote areas.
There are a wide range of benefits for you as a SSSI YP that will aid your career:

  • Becoming part of an active international network of YPs;
  • Specialised networking with people relevant to your career;
  • Access to current information related to the spatial industry;
  • A voice throughout SSSI that has the potential to affect change;
  • Involvement and experience at committee level;
  • Development in areas, both locally and internationally deemed to be of relevance to YPs;
  • Ability to input into both regional and institute-wide YP programs; and,
  • Belonging to an industry accredited body

One of the coolest aspects of surveying and spatial sciences is the technology. Whether it be satellite or aerial imagery in remote sensing, the latest version of GIS software, or 3D modeling, the bounds of the technology we use is only limited to the innovation of future professionals such as yourself.

The easiest way to get involved in the SSSI and the young professionals, is by firstly becoming a member of the SSSI, and secondly either attending a YP event in your region and speaking with the organizers, or by contacting your regions office and asking to get in touch with the Young Professionals Committee.

For enquiries, please contact the YP Chair.

Latest YP News

The SSSI Young Professional Survey Report

The SSSI Young Professional Survey Report

The YP Survey Report was released on October 25. The report summarises the feedback gathered from an online survey conducted by the YPs between July and August.

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