Young Professionals

The Young Professionals are an active group within SSSI, working together to unite students and young professionals (under 36) within our industry. It has a proven track record leadership development for those involved and aims at creating an engaging, fun environment where young professionals can discuss initiatives and ideas, learn more about the depth and breadth of the industry, and share and find opportunities for professional development, mentoring, networking and career/volunteer opportunities.

There is a Young Professionals regional committee within each state, and these committees work with the broader regional committees of each region as well as the commissions to deliver events, opportunities and networking for members. If you would like to attend your local meeting, or get in touch to find out more about what they could offer you, please see this page to see when regional Young Professional committee meetings are held.

 There are a wide range of benefits for you as a SSSI YP that will aid your career in the short term and the long term:

  • Becoming part of an active international network of young professionals;
  • Networking, guidance and mentoring with people who are industry leaders;
  • Specialised networking opportunities with people relevant to your career across the breadth of the industry;
  • Invitations to local and national events to assist in your technical and career development;
  • Access to current information related to the spatial industry;
  • Access to events, news and peer-reviewed publications about leading-edge technologies and developments in the field;
  • A voice throughout SSSI that has the potential to affect change;
  • Involvement and experience at committee level;
  • Development in areas, both locally and internationally deemed to be of relevance to YPs;
  • Ability to input into both regional and institute-wide YP programs; and,
  • Belonging to an industry accredited body.

To get involved with the Young Professionals, see here for upcoming events in your region, or send through an email to the YP Chair.

To find out more about how the SSSI National and Regional Young Professionals Committees work, please see our Terms of Reference here .