National YP Mentoring Program

If you are interested in participating in the 2019 SSSI Young Professional Mentoring Program as a Mentee or Mentor please click here.

The SSSI Young Professionals Mentoring Program 2019 facilitates mentoring connections between students nearing the end of their degree programs and professionals working in the surveying and spatial sciences industry. This is a structured, fixed term program and will include fortnightly meetings between mentors and mentees to discuss given topics.

This program aims to:

  • empower students entering the surveying and spatial sciences industry for early career success

  • ​build leadership in young professionals working in the industry

  • provide a platform to strengthen young professionals in the industry


As a student or young professional, if you want to fast track your early career, we'll help you achieve this!


1 CPD point per meeting, limited to a maximum of 5 CPD points per year (as per section 3.10 of the SSSI CPD Guide) excluding BOSSI requirements.  If you are relying on CPD points for BOSSI assessment purposes please contact NSW ROM.


Applications have now closed for the 2018 intake. If you would like to apply for 2019 please contact the YP Chair via email.

Tune in to this video to hear some of the experiences of 2018 programme participants: .

Places are limited and based on the quality of applications whereby there is no guarantee that all applicants will be accepted into the program.

To apply, please fill out the relevant application form below:


If you are driven, curious about the profession, self-motivated and passionate about making the most of your early career, this program will help you to network and meet the right people. Participate to learn about the skills needed to succeed and give you insights into what the real world is like in your line of work. We welcome members of all commissions to join, and are looking for people who are in their last or second last year of their undergraduate degree or any year of a postgraduate degree.


To be able to relate to these mentees, we are seeking mentors who are professionals in the industry looking to further develop their leadership and management skills and pass on some of their cultivated knowledge and experience about the industry.

We can offer you the chance to influence the people who will change the future, discover fresh perspectives and to earn CPD points for your professional career development.

Participation requirements

The four month program will involve approximately 1-2 hours per fortnight from the mentee and 1 hour a fortnight for the mentor (a total of 16 hours for the mentee and 8 hours for the mentor, plus 3 hours each for the inception event and for the awards ceremony at the end. This totals at 22 hours for the mentees and 14 hours for the mentor over the course of the entire program.

Mentors and mentees that are successful in their applications to the program will be paired by SSSI. Their contact details will be shared with each other and they will initially meet during a launch event in their region. Upon the conclusion of the program, there will be a graduation event in each region, which all participants will attend as well.

For comprehensive details about this program, please see the SSSI Young Professionals National Mentoring Program Terms of Reference document, available here.

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