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Geospatial and surveying young professionals often possess great technical aptitude but take time to develop and understanding of some of the intangible skills that lead to business success - the power of networks, the value of continuing professional development to benefit their business, and personal branding to become ambassadors for their workplace.

Attending national conferences such as SSSI’s Locate can be a life-changing experience for young professionals, helping them to better understand the industry they are entering, to find out about cutting edge research and technology, and to meet industry leaders. However, the cost of registration, travel and accommodation prohibits many from attending. Workplaces often prefer to fund more experienced professionals to attend.

Large professional development events like Locate are an opportunity for young professionals to be inspired by the industry they are joining and to become more engaged with it, building their leadership capabilities.

SSSI, championed by our Young Professionals Group, is hoping to support five young professionals to attend Locate21 in Brisbane on 30 March - 1 April 2021.

The awardees will receive conference registration and a capped amount for accommodation and travel expenses, valuing up to $10,000 in total across all awardees.

The program is proudly supported by Platinum Sponsor, The Surveyors' Trust.


This competition is open to Australian residents/PR holders only and winners are required to be current financial SSSI members at the time of award of prize.  And of course, you must be a young professional, so therefore under 36 years of age as at April 2021.  

Note, if you submitted an application prior to the postponement of Locate20, this application will still be valid for Locate21.

Interested? Here's how to enter!

Entries: 300-500 words or 2-4 minute video

Each entry must address:

● What are you looking forward to most at Locate21?
● How will attending Locate21 assist your personal development?
● How will attending Locate21 benefit your employer or future employer?
● How will you give back to the spatial community from attending Locate21?

Written entries are to be submitted to as either a word document or PDF.

Videos can be submitted either as a YouTube Video (email a link to or an Instagram Video post, using the hashtag #Locate21_SSSIYPTravelGrant (please tag @roshni.r.sharma).


Judging will be completed by the SSSI National Young Professionals Committee and will be a quantitative assessment of each of these 4 questions (judges rate responses on a scale of 1-10 for each question).

 Competition opens         now!
 Entry deadline  Friday 12 February 2021
 Judging  15 - 19 February 2021
 Winners announced  Monday 22 Febuary 2021
 Locate21  30 March - 1 April 2021



If you have any queries about the competition, feel free to contact Roshni Sharma, National YP Chair on or Katie Le Miere

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